I am a lighting artist currently working at Rooster Teeth Studios, Austin. I focus on lighting, look development and technical direction. I graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design where I got my Masters in Animation and Visual effects. 

I have a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering and the main reason I switched fields is because I realized I wanted a career path that I would be passionate about each and every day. This path is VFX. Through my work, I hope to capture the viewer's eyes and produce high quality photo realistic images. My engineering experience has taught me how to problem solve and look for efficient ways to do things. But I’m not just an engineer-CGI guy, I also have strong traditional art skills and I am a musician (I run a small indie studio on the side). VFX is what I love, it’s my passion and it’s something that drives me forward every day.  

SKILLS                                                        SOFTWARE

Lighting                                                          Arnold            
Look Development                                          V-Ray
Texturing                                                       Redshift
Modeling                                                      RenderMan
Compositing                                                 Mental-Ray    
Photography                                                    Maya
Cinematography                                              Nuke
Sound and Music Production                       Houdini FX                                                                                         After Effects
                                                       Substance Painter & Designer
                                                                     Premiere Pro